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Setting Up an Account and Ordering from GADA Services TOPS

Step 1 – Enroll Your Dealership (It is recommended controllers or office managers execute the steps below):

1. Visit
2. Click the blue link labeled “Sign Up” at the bottom of the page
a. You will be enrolling your dealership in this step, it only needs to be done once. If you
manage multiple dealerships you should complete the process separately for each. You
can add additional authorized users per store in a later step, users should not click the “Sign
Up” link.
3. Fill out all the fields in yellow and then click “Sign Up”
a. The user information entered here will be used to create an Administrative user account for
the dealership, giving that user the right to add additional users as necessary
4. On the resulting page, click the button labeled “Download Documents” at the bottom right and print
out the document bundle. These documents are required by GADOR. You will be required to email
these documents so it’s important to download and print.
5. Complete and sign the document bundle then scan and e-mail the documents to
TOP@GADA.COM (please complete the documents entirely including the WITNESS Signature
where designated on forms.
6. GADA will review your application and approve it electronically. Once it is approved you will receive
an e-mail allowing you to create a password and access your account.

Step 2 – Add Additional Users (If you wish to allow other personnel to order TOPS for your dealership)

1. Login to
2. Click the “Dealer Admin” link at the left, then “Users”, then “Add”
3. Enter the person’s first name, last name, and e-mail address
4. Choose a user type (Admin’s can add users and order, Users can only order)
5. Select the dealership(s) this person will have access to by clicking the “Add” button next to the dealership
6. Last, click the “Save” button at the top right
7. The user will get an e-mail inviting them to create a password and login to the site

Step 3 – Create an Order

1. Login to
2. Click the “Order Inventory” at the left
3. Choose a Quantity
4. Click “Add to Cart”
5. On the right-hand side choose the dealership you are ordering for
6. Choose Ground or Overnight freight
7. Click “Complete Order”
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