Temporary Operating Permits (TOPs)

GADA is a state-authorized TOPs vendor. Dealers may purchase and process TOPs through GADA’s specialized TOPs website.


For assistance with TOPs, call 855.288.7346.

Title Services

The Title Services department handles any type of title issue a dealership may encounter for both Georgia and out-of-state titles. Title services include:

  • ➢ Duplicate titles (Georgia and other states)
  • ➢ Transfer of titles
  • ➢ Applications rejected by the state’s Motor Vehicle Division
  • ➢ Bonded titles
  • ➢ In-person title application processing
    The title services director travels to the Motor Vehicle offices once a week to process applications and returns with them in hand for delivery to dealerships.
  • ➢ Education
    Periodically, GADA offers in-person beginner and advanced title clerk training opportunities.

For assistance with title issues, call 770.438.6855 or email titleservices@gada.com.